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Day's Favs


Favorite Animal:
My dog, Emma. She's just too cute!

Favorite Color:
Believe it not...None! 
Currently Reading:
Dreams from My Father
Favorite Number:
I have three...7, 14, and 21.
Favorite Song:
Anything by Nat King Cole.

Favorite TV Shows: CBS Sunday Morning, Grey's Anatomy and American Idolcbs_sunday_morning


Favorite Music Group:
Pattison Road (husband's band) tied with
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Favorite Food: Ranchero chicken soft taco
with 5 hot sauces and a large diet coke (if they are still making them it will be my last meal)

Most Recent Movies that I Saw & Liked:
Taken & Doubt
Favorite Annapolis Restaurants:
Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar on Main Street
Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen on West Street

Favorite Season of the Year:
Whichever one it is at the time.
Favorite Sports:
Tennis and X-Games
Favorite Personal Trainer:
Ron Adams is the BEST!
Most Consumed Beverage::
Favorite Pet Shop:
Paws Pet Boutique on State Circle
Favorite Piece of Clothing:
I like them all.
Favorite Clothing Stores:
Relish in Georgetown
Sole Boutique at Rehoboth Beach
When I walk in downtown Annapolis, I love to go into:
All the stores on Maryland Avenue; Diva; Laura B by the Westin Hotel

In Annapolis:
I have always wanted to rent Main Street and have a big block party in downtown Annapolis but have not taken the time...YET!

Favorite Husband:
#2, Alan Weitzman